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This collection of Archival Giclee Fine Art Prints are taken from an ongoing portfolio of contemporary atmospheric Welsh Landscapes .

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"The pure fascination and wonder of artistic expression in all its formats is surely that we, as human beings, are called upon and driven by an overpowering need to create, to invent, or tell, or simply to record stories, information and objects, to manipulate and render sounds and matter into formations, to make shapes and forms out of all known materials and elements . . . simply . . . to howl and shout and serenade, to recount by firelight our tracking of the deer, to hit animal skins with sticks and to daub on cave walls with ochre and berry juice . . . every damn one of us is an 'artist' . . ."

- Barry Martin-Andrews



Barry Martin-Andrews
Manchester House

3 Castle St



Hawthorn Gallery

General Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday - 10am till 5pm

Appointments available by arrangement

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